Beavers & Beaver Capture, Removal, & Control by Suburban Wildlife Control:

Given the nature of the animal, conflicts between humans and beaver are inevitable.  Their very habits of existance are considered destructive and damaging to property.  They take down trees, block up streams, flood giant areas, dig large holes and dens in the banks of ponds and lakes, and build extensive dams that can create quite a mess!  This is all perfect and normal behavior in the wild, and serves the beaver and the ecosystem very well, however when human and beaver territory cross, the results can be dangerous and disastrous.

Beavers are large semi-aquatic mammals, with thick brown to reddish brown fur, large flat "paddle" tails, webbed back feet, a layer of fat that insulates their bodies in cold water, and huge front teeth that never stop growing - thus must always be chewing to avoid getting too long. This often means chowing your favorite tree and possibly taking down dozens of trees in the process.

The beaver is the largest rodent in North America and second largest in the world (capybara is first). They are indigenous to all of Illinois, however all beaver currently in Illinois were reintroduced after all of Illinois' indigenous beaver were hunted and trapped into extinction before regulations were put into place. Their numbers now show that beaver relocate and adapt quite well, and so in all possible situations we work to humanely live trap and relocate these incredible animals to areas where their natural habits will not cause any problems.

We offer services to capture and remove beaver from ponds, lakes, streams, creeks, aquaducts, waterways, etc. We do beaver control on public and private properties - from schools, subdivisions, and city lands to private land owners.

Please contact us for a quote.

A very large beaver we trapped and reloacted, showing off his amazing large rounded paddle tail. You can see his front paws that work very much like our own hands, grabbing and grasping branches to eat or pack into a dam. Their eyes have special membranes for underwater vision and their ears seal tight when diving.

Brad and super large beaver he trapped out of Bartlett.
Beaver, just released, gettting ready to swim away.

Katy and Brad and one monster beaver they trapped.
A beaver we trapped and some willow branch snacks.

A beaver we trapped within a den in Geneva, built 100 yards from a man-made dam!
Coincidence this establishment was right next to our job in Geneva?? :)

Above, a big beaver we trapped being transferred by catch pole to a cage trap for relocation. They are VERY, VERY strong and this is not easy! On right, Brad & Katy and another 2 beaver catch!

More Beaver Photos in our Photo Gallery>

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