Flying Squirrels and Flying Squirrel Capture, Removal, and Relocation by Suburban Wildlife Control:

Although you rarely see them (because they are strictly nocturnal) flying squirrels (the Eastern flying squirrel) are native to Illinois, and have dense population pockets in many areas of Kane and DuPage county.

Flying squirrels are nocturnal, arboreal rodents that have thick light brown, grey, or cinnamon fur on their upper body, with a furry membrane which extends between the front and rear leg that allows the animal to glide through the air. It has greyish flanks with a cream or white underbelly. They have very large, round black eyes and a flat tail.  They are much smaller than everyday squirrels, but capable of doing just as much damage to a home.

Flying Squirrels look at your attic as a big, warm, dry nesting cavity, built just for them.  They are known to seek refuge in houses especially during the winter to escape the cold weather.  They chew their way in and take up residence.  A typical family unit consists of 2 - 5 members, but families often share nests during the rearing of young and also in the colder months when maintaing body temperature is important as they do not hibernate.  Incredibly, cohabiting flying squirrels can reach up to 50 individuals!  The highest number Brad has trapped out of a home so far has been 17.

Flying squirrels can also chew holes in, gain access to, and make their homes in walls, outbuildings, and in one case someone's walk-in closet!

These cute little balls of fluff can completely destroy an attic (or other area in your home).  They have a very foul, very strong smelling urine that is detectable from far distances.  They tunnel through insulation, matting it down, causing energy loss, and causing biohazordous conditions with their urine, feces, and capabilities of carrying a host of parasites and diseases, including mites, lice, fleas, worms, and typhus.

We offer our services to trap, remove, and relocate flying squirrels.  If you suspect that you have a flying squirrel problem, please contact us.  Upon inspection we can tell you exactly what animal is causing your problem.

  two flying squirrels


The following are pictures of one flying squirrel family that we trapped,
kept while we collected the rest of the family members, and then relocated together.

flying squirrel   
You can see their large black eyes

flying squirrel   flying squirrel up close
Notice their flat tails, white underbellies, and skin flaps (wings) on their sides

flying squirrel    flying squirrels


More photos of Flying Squirrels in our Photo Gallery>

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