Animal Removal Services for Golf Courses by Suburban Wildlife Control:

Golf courses are a natural animal attractant.  With their lush turf enticing animals to search for insect foods, their plentiful trees, vegitation, and bodies of water, they are naturally irresistable to a host of different species.

Golf course nuisances include skunks, raccoons, opossums, beaver, muskrats, moles, groundhogs, and bees/hornets, among others.

Skunks tear up the turf in search of grubs and other insects, and also take shelter under buildings and walkways, leaving large holes and often times spraying which results in buildings and grounds smelling foul for several weeks.

Raccoons also do major damage to turf, tearing up large areas in search of food.  They also overturn garbage recepticles and invade buildings, often destroying roofs and outer structures to obtain entry into attics.

Opossums also destroy turf again in search of insect foods, and dig holes under buildings.  They are the most common animal to die under buildings and other areas where they are "smelled" but not seen, due to the fact that they eat diseased animals.

Beaver take up habitation in ponds, lakes, and streams.  The most obvious damage from beavers is their chewing and felling of trees.  They also dam up creeks, and storm drains, causing flooding. Beavers often build bank dens, causing the collapse of earth along the waters edge.

Muskrats take up residence in ponds and lakes, building bank side dens as well, causing the banks to errode and cave in, especially when lawn equipment, golf carts, etc, are driven across them.  Muskrats also like to chew on irrigation lines and fountain heads.

Moles cause obvious damage to turf, leaving extensive raised tunnels and dirt mounds, which not only destroy the grounds but pose the risk of injury to golfers that may stumble on the raised passageways.

Groundhogs like to eat ornamental flowers and shrubs, destroying landscaping and vegitation.  They also dig large burrows under buildings and hillsides.

Bees (ground bees) build unwanted nests in the ground where they can easily become irritated and very aggressive, with as little as a person walking over or driving a golf cart or maintenace equipment over the nest.  Other species of bees build nests inside walls and buildings, posing risk to guests and staff.

Hornets build nests in trees and shrubs and are easily aggrevated with people and equipment getting too close to the nest.

We give 100% guarantee to solve all of these wildlife problems.  We service many golf courses on a regular basis and are very familiar with golf course grounds and equipment.  All work is done in a professional and efficient manner.  References are available upon request.


Brad Removing Raccoon from Golf Course    The Animal Behind the Damage
Brad removing animals causing the damage at this golf course.

Brad removing skun from Course    Brad setting trap on course
Brad carefully removing a skunk from a course. (left) and Brad setting a trap on a course. (right)

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